Minuum is a smarter keyboard for your Android and iOS devices. Constantly learning from you, Minuum works at any size, even with the biggest of fingers.

You’ll fall in love with being able to see everything on your screen when you’re messaging friends, or composing a long email. With instant sloppy typing handling, Minuum doesn’t need to to fill up half of your screen. You can easily pull up and down from the top of the keyboard to switch between two modes: the full keyboard is best for typing passwords and URLs, while the mini keyboard takes advantage of powerful autocorrect to let you see more of the apps you’re using.

Minuum was the first keyboard to enable typing on early Android Wear devices, including the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live.

In addition to Android Wear, Minuum also enables typing on a number of Android 4.0+ devices including the original Galaxy Gear and the Omate TrueSmart.

The Minuum keyboard has always been about much more than touchscreens. Minuum is about simplifying the keyboard experience to allow typing on any imaginable mobile and wearable device.

I worked on Minuum as a co-founder at Whirlscape, YC W14