The MidiBus [2008]

The MidiBus is a MIDI library for Processing which provides a fast and easy way to send and receive MIDI data.

Grove, Burning Man [2016]

Grove is an interactive forest of 10 trees made of steel tubing. As participants lie beneath the trees and breath on the 3D printed flowers the trees glow and change color in response. Presented at Burning Man 2016.

Dango [2014]

Dango (available for Android) appears in any messaging app, and helps you quickly find emoji, stickers, and GIFs, by understanding what you type using deep learning.

Minuum [2013]

Minuum is a smarter keyboard for your Android and iOS devices. Constantly learning from you, Minuum works at any size, even with the biggest of fingers.

Prototype synthesizer [2013]

This is a prototype of a hybrid digital-analog musical synthesizer.

RTER [2013]

The Real-Time Emergency Response (RTER) project deals with the detection, observation, and assessment of situations requiring intervention by emergency responders, offering them access to high-quality “live” data.

Propinquity [2012]

Propinquity, is a ludic experience, explicitly focused on the body rather than the screen, that is designed to evoke both dancing and fighting games.

Impact [2011]

Impact is a 75 watt RGB LED platform designed to be suspended in 3 meter diameter inflatable balloon.

Salon Urbain, Place des Arts [2011]

A dynamic lighting system installed in the Salon Urbain at Place des Arts in Montreal built with a network of over a 1000 custom, DMX controlled, LED light fixtures.

Anatidae [2010]

Anatidae is a prototype of a fully ethernet based Arduino-compatible development board which includes Power of Etherner support.

Monoshield [2008]

The Monoshield is an Arduino shield designed to act as a monome like device.